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At today’s busy medical offices, the phones never stop ringing. So how do you manage calls and still provide attentive patient care? The answer is simple: rely on Endicott Comm’s medical office answering service. When a prompt, caring response is called for, Endicott Comm answers the call!

Endicott Comm provides discreet, accurate, HIPAA-compliant medical answering services. A key value of our medical answering service is that it benefits everybody. For patients, a doctors’ answering service means shorter wait times and more convenient scheduling. For doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel, it means fewer distractions from their essential duties. For hospital administrators and health insurance providers, it means better access to data and fewer automated systems.


Other benefits include:

  • Greater efficiency: Using a doctors’ answering service means better management of everything from scheduling to billing, patient care to physician follow-up. When your administrative staff is busy handling patient issues but the phone continues to ring, we’re here to answer your overflow. We also respond to after-hours calls and are adept at handling calls from patients in crisis.
  • More consistency: Generic answering services can’t compare to Endicott Comm. Our answering service is medical in its approach and our services are HIPAA compliant. All of our agents are required to participate in HIPAA training programs and are annually recertified.
  • Compassion and professionalism: We are sensitive to the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients. Our trained agents follow your call handling protocols, dispatching instructions, and data tracking processes. Even though you’re utilizing advanced technologies like a medical office answering service to respond quickly and efficiently, you won’t lose that personal company touch; our agents never forget the importance of people skills.
  • Experience and expertise: At Endicott, we have years of experience in several highly demanding medical fields. Our services have supported medical facilities, clinics, and hospitals, places where ER physicians, lab technicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals rely on efficient and accurate communications. In addition to our physician answering service, we also provide answering services for individual medical staffers, veterinarians, hospice care facilities, home healthcare agencies, medical supply companies, insurance carriers, and medical event planners.

Contact us today at (800) 947-3227. Discover how Endicott Comm can support your busy medical office with our certified answering services.

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