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Landscaping, Landscape Design, and Gardening – We provide answering service support!

Whether you are a commercial or residential landscaper, landscape designer, or gardener, you never want to miss a call from a potential or existing customer while out in the field. When current and potential customers contact you and reach your voicemail, this could result in a lost sales opportunity. How many times have you gone to your voicemail and discovered a missed opportunity, or later learned the caller has gone to a competitor? Voice mail is counter intuitive to bringing on new customers. Yes, a landscaping answering service may be your best bet.

The increasingly competitive nature of every industry means it’s imperative to differentiate yourself from the competition! The Endicott family of companies can provide you with the difference that will result in new business instead of an opportunity lost forever.

Our live agents will answer you calls and professionally represent your business. Our agents can also route your call to someone else you designate, or schedule a time with the caller for you to contact them.


When you’re not available to return calls and setup appointments to meet with new customers, we’re there for you. We will set appointments using your existing calendar, or a web-based scheduler for you to visit, evaluate, and estimate new opportunities.

Is your business seasonal? No problem! Except for a few locations in the country, landscapers and landscape designers generally do most of their work in the Spring, Summer, and to some extent, the Fall. Our agents are able to answer you calls and capture leads while you are unavailable. If you’re like many landscapers and gardeners with multi-level service offerings throughout the year, we can build your account to accommodate each need.

Do you run newspaper advertising campaigns, online ads, or pass out flyers, to promote your business and generate sales? Don’t send your leads to voicemail! Your live agent can capture your leads and schedule appointments for you.

Don’t wait! Call us today at (800) 947-3227 and learn how our live agents can help you capture more sales opportunities and provide customer support.

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