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When you’re in property management, you’re always on call. Chances are you’re among the property managers who service several property types, such as multi family, student housing, office, retail and industrial properties. From processing applications to fielding maintenance requests, the phone rings nonstop. Who can you call when everyone is calling you? Endicott Comm, the property management answering service.

  • We ease the pressure. Our professional answering service provides call management when you need it most. Trying to catch up on paperwork without interruptions? Relax. We’ve got your calls under control. Busy with one tenant call but more calls keep coming in? We’ll handle the call overflow. Taking a much-needed break? Don’t worry. We’ll make sure you don’t miss any messages.
  • We’re equally skilled at handling emergencies and routine calls. When calls can’t wait 24 hours or more to be answered, Endicott Comm’s property management answering service has the solution! Our mission is to provide you with live answering services that fit your individual work style and company policies. So whether your biggest need is to manage a constant inflow of applications and maintenance requests or to tackle off-hour emergency calls, we’re up to the challenge.
Property Management

Your live agent will:

  • We never take a day off. Our inbound call center is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wishing you had a savvy assistant who could to screen calls while keeping you informed and on task? At Endicott Comm, our virtual receptionists are among the most skilled in the industry. They set a professional tone and give tenants live access to a real person. Now you’re more efficient than ever—without being tethered to the phone.
  • Help you customize your property management answering service
  • Follow your phone answering protocol
  • Provide you with coverage at all times
  • Respond to routine calls and property emergencies
  • Deliver emergency dispatch services directly to your service partners
  • Ensure follow-through
  • Document call data and provide you with a clear, accurate summary

Contact Endicott Comm today at (800) 947-3227 . Let’s talk about tailoring property management answering services to your specific needs.

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