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"Endicott is a great answering service company with professional and courteous people answering the phones. I am very glad to have chosen this company to assist me with my calls because now I don't miss any calls and I can focus more on my business and other issues. I would recommend Endicott to any business who are in need of a company to answer calls so they can continue to grow or expand their business  in a more efficient way."

“Rhonda, Sandy, and their agents at Endicott have been an enormous boon to us at ProFresh over the years, and more specifically over the past year. Without their expertise, understanding, and ability to respond to issues quickly and decisively, we would have been completely overwhelmed during a very chaotic time for our business. Even with sub par product samples and scripts, the group at Endicott has performed amazingly. They are always polite, succinct, and responsive, and our customer experiences are overwhelmingly positive. I can't thank them enough for the work they have done for us here at ProFresh. We truly appreciate what they bring to the table, and will continue to work with them as long as I have a say in it (and likely longer.)”

"It is my great pleasure to write this note to Atlantic Communications and Endicott Communications.  We have been in business since 1970 and have been doing business with your firm since 1972.  It has been 45 years!  We are extremely pleased with the professional way that we, and OUR customers, have been treated over the years.  Your  personnel are highly trained and know how to handle every situation that arises in the everyday work place.  Your operators are very pleasant to work with, and I have highly recommended this company to anyone who is in need.  I also would like to add that Tammy is the "backbone" of this operation, and she is a valuable asset to your company.  Keep up the good work!"

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