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When pets and farm animals need medical attention while you are unavailable, Endicott’s live Veterinary Answering Service is your answer! As an animal care professional with a private practice, can you really say you’ve positioned your clinic’s services to always be available when medical issues occur with your veterinary patients? Have you considered implementing a system that will allow your practice to be available even after hours?

Our answering services will offer your clients a live person to communicate with. Using your guidelines, our live agents will collect the details you require well before the patient arrives at your office. Endicott agents can share your intake procedures, insurance authorization / verification, billing procedures, service deliverables, and much more. The patient can be registered before they arrive for treatment, which can certainly ease the stress of the situation.


We can call the clients to learn about patient progress and perhaps schedule additional follow-up visits. These calls can occur after your regular business hours and can be useful for monitoring recovery issues, setbacks and positive outcomes. Your Endicott answering service will be available to support you 24/7/365

You can use your current phone number or add a toll free number making it easy for your clients to reach a live agent. Endicott works with you to create scripts and FAQs for agents to follow and respond to your clients. Our agents will understand how to prioritize calls and which on-call Veterinary Practitioner needs to be contacted. They can contact you and your on-call team by phone, email, text message, page, fax, or any combination.

We can schedule appointments directly into your appointment calendar so you’ll have real-time access to your schedule.

How can a live veterinary answering service support your practice? Here are a few areas:

  • Answering phone and email inquiries about your services and specialties
  • Provides information about the insurance plans your practice accepts
  • Collect intake information
  • Discuss patient sheltering and monitoring
  • If you travel to your patients – organize the details of the visit
  • Summarize acceptable payment options and timeframes for payment
  • Schedule appointments in real-time
  • Route urgent calls based on your guidelines and protocols
  • Follow scripts and FAQs you help to develop when responding to callers
  • Available 24/7/365 to support your practice

For a fraction of the cost of adding additional administrative staff, our live agents will be there to support your practice at all times. You and your staff will be free to focus on your core business processes and patient care issues. Endicott agents will also capture the details of every call and produce a digital record of every interaction.

You want to be certain your patients receive the best possible care; offering them an answering service that makes your practice available 24/7/365 can go a long way! Endicott agents will help to assure your clients that urgent calls will not go to a voice mail box and sit unanswered for hours.

Call us today at (800) 947-3227 to discuss communication solutions for your practice.

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